Camera Policy:

Commercial Photography is Prohibited

 Cameras with removable lenses, recording devices or digital video are prohibited!

 Only accredited photographers may shoot at a PRCA-sanctioned rodeo.

Freelance photographers will not be accredited without proof of assignment for a specific media outlet and without signing an agreement with the Moses Lake Roundup. In each case, this determination is at the sole discretion of the PRCA and the Moses Lake Roundup.

Personal fixed lens cameras are allowed…

All pictures must be taken at an appreciable distance, as far from the action as possible, and from angles that are not in the direct line of sight for the contestant or the judges.

Livestreaming: Livestreaming of any kind, whether through such platforms as Facebook Live, Periscope, or any application sharing similar purposes is prohibited. The PRCA is the sole distributor of any and all rodeo content, and violation will be subject to review and possible legal action.

Video Time Limit: The PRCA has implemented a 90-second time limit on video content taken either by a contestant or a fan that may be shared on social media. The time limit is attached to a single rodeo performance, whether that be one video clip or multiple clips that, in summation, do not exceed the 90-second time limit.

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