Loadin’ Chute

  • Large tent with tables and chairs.
  • Raised viewing platform with an up-close view of the arena and all the action.   
  • Full service bar, including spirits from Pendleton Whisky, Southern Spirits & Proximo, and Coors products from Odom Distributing.
  • Private concessionaire offers patrons an opportunity to order what they choose and whenever they choose throughout the evening.
  • Security and wait staff.  
  • Gates open at 5 pm.  Open until one hour after rodeo/demo is over.
  • Tickets are $35.  Dinner & drinks not included in price.  Available at the green gate/rodeo office. 


Server Girls    Brand Shack

Last Chute Gate

  • Nightly party after the Demo/Rodeo is over!
  • Open from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am each night.
  • Featuring Coors products from Odom Distributing.
  • Bleacher seating to watch the demo derby and rodeo performances.
  • DJ after the demo and Thursday night rodeo, live band Friday & Saturday.


Tuesday and Wednesday Demo and Thursday Rodeo:  DJ Dale Roth

Friday Rodeo:  Cold B

Cold B is an alternative rock band born in the late 90’s in Royal City, WA.  What started at Royal High School stayed lit and kept the rock party rollin’ at CWU in Ellensburg through the early 2000’s.  After nearly a 2 decade band hiatus, a 20 year RHS class reunion threw fuel on the fire for a band reboot.  A subsequent recording session resulted in new original material in late 2020, and solidified the band as back and ready for another go-round.  The newest lineup combines members from the RHS and CWU era while adding a couple new members to keep the horse buckin’.  It’s been a warm reception thus far, and we are stoked to declare Cold B is back in the saddle!

Saturday Rodeo:  American Honey



beer_garden_2012_crowd beer_garden_2012_vendors beer_garden_2012_girls