Loadin’ Chute

  • Large tent with tables, chairs & live simulcast TV coverage.
  • Raised viewing platform with an up-close view of the arena and all the action.  It has a great view of the video scoreboard, and now offers bleacher seating for those who want to be on the elevated platform but choose to sit.  
  • Full service bar, including spirits from Pendleton Whisky, Southern Spirits & Proximo, and Coors products from Odom Distributing.
  • Dinner is $12.  Private concessionaire offers patrons an opportunity to order what they choose and whenever they choose throughout the evening.  Additional purchases available (ie-tacos).  Food vouchers can be purchased by companies wanting to host their employees & friends.
  • Security and wait staff.  The wait staff is ideal for those on the platform not wanting to lose their spot.
  • Gates open at 5 pm.  Open until one hour after rodeo/demo is over.
  • Tickets are $35.  Dinner & drinks not included in price.  Available at the green gate/rodeo office.  Can upgrade from a general rodeo ticket at Loadin’ Chute gate.
  • Discount for those who purchase over 10 tickets.
  • Contact info:  chutethechit@gmail.com 


Server Girls    Brand Shack

Last Chute Gate

  • Nightly party after the Demo/Rodeo is over!
  • Open from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am each night.
  • Featuring Coors products from Odom Distributing.
  • Bleacher seating to watch the demo derby and rodeo performances.
  • DJ after the demo and Thursday night rodeo, live band Friday & Saturday.


Wednesday and Thursday:  DJ Dale Roth

Friday:  American Honey

American Honey is a Country/Rock band based out of the Yakima Valley. The band features Audre Belt on lead vocals, Bill Cron on lead guitar, Brian Parker on drums, and Dan Holmes on bass guitar. This group plays music from just about every genre to bring a huge variety of songs to the crowd, including some of their own original material. From their powerful female lead vocals and explosive lead guitar solos, American Honey is THE dance band to look out for!

Saturday:  The Ryan Larsen Band 

Established in 2007, The Ryan Larsen Band is a multi award winning Country Rock band in Spokane, Washington.  With Ryan Larsen as lead vocalist, Chris Blair on guitar, Steve Lime on the keyboard, Rennie Espinoza on drums, and Rex Romagnolo with the bass, the band plays music in the vein of Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Toby Keith, Eric Church and others. With an emphasis on high energy live performances with seasoned veteran musicians, they make great music that’s sure to get the crowd going.


beer_garden_2012_crowd beer_garden_2012_vendors beer_garden_2012_girls